The Various Grades of Night Vision Image Tubes

Buying night vision equipment will not be complete when you do not know details about the various grades of night vision image tubes. It is not recommended to purchase a 2nd or 3rd generation night vision device. The lower the grade of the night vision image tube that you will purchase, the greater the blemishes are going to be.

You should know that the different manufacturers of night vision image tubes will name the different quality levels with various abbreviations. Their criteria may also be different from each other. It does not mean that just because the grade level of another night vision image tube is higher than the other, it is automatically better.

Generation 1
There is a lot of generation 1 equipment that makes use of the same technology probably because this was the available technology when they were made. There are some things that may change the performance of the items such as the following:

  • The controls
  • The design of the generation 1 devices
  • Lens quality

Generation 2
The base quality generation 2 is known to be so much better as compared to the quality of generation 1. Some say that when they are choosing night vision image tubes, they make it a point to look for generation 2 and higher so that they can be sure about the quality of what they are getting.

Generation 2 comes with different levels that are available with generation 2+ and generation 2ST as the basic ones. The higher level generation 2 grades are the following:

  • Generation 2CGT/ Generation 2MS
  • Generation 2HPT
  • Generation 2HP

If you want to get mid-range with good quality generation 2 night vision image tubes, look for the generation 2CGT or generation 2MS. Generation 2HPT and Generation 2HP are known to be high-quality items. They can be very expensive though which is why some people would rather choose lower-end generation 2 models or they would rather become more extravagant and choose generation 3 items instead.

Generation 3
This is known to be the best quality that you can get right now. If you have the money to spare or you know that you need to use something that is really made with the best quality, look for generation 3 items and you will not be disappointed. Take note that generation 3 will also come with variations that may come with average or higher performance. You just need to make the right choice. These are the different varieties to choose from

  • Generation 3ST
  • Generation 3A
  • Generation 3P
  • Generation 3AG

The different varieties are arranged from the lowest grade available to the highest. A lot of people feel that even the lowest grade of generation 3 will already be enough for their needs. The only reason why they may want to get a higher grade is because of the longevity that higher quality grades can offer. You can also expect that higher quality grades will also have fewer blemishes.

The Gen 3P and Gen3AG are also considered to be perfect when you need to be in polluted areas. The other night vision image tubes might be useless when used in smoky or polluted areas but these tools can still deliver. You can also expect that they will work in different lighting conditions. Whether you would need to use the night vision image tube during dusk or during dawn, it will still be perfect.

Getting to Know Black Spots

Black spots are known to be blemishes that may hinder you from using your night vision image tube the way that you should. The spots will make your night vision image tube less reliable than it should be.

How important is it to choose night vision image tubes with great grade quality? It will depend on what you plan to do with the image tube. Consider why you would need to have it in the first place and where you are going to use it. The answers will allow you to make the best decision.

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