At work, young people prefer to be fulfilled than to be well paid

Seven out of ten young people say they prefer to work in a company that “has a positive impact on the world”.

If they won 5 million euros, three-quarters of young people would still work, according to a surveyor barometer, previewed by Le Figaro Student.

Before being a source of income, the ideal job must above all allow one to develop and build oneself on a personal level. This is one of the lessons from the latest AssessFirst * barometer, a predictive recruitment platform, previewed by Le Figaro √Čtudiant. Work is first perceived as a “way to be realized” for 50% of 18-25-year-olds and 63% of 26-35-year-olds, which is more the general average (59%). The financial aspect is however not negligible: 41% of people under 25 perceive work only as a means to comfortably earn a living.

Large companies are preferred by young people, whether they are students (43%) or recent graduates (44%). They are less likely to work in an SME than the general population, while they are more enthusiastic than their elders to join a start-up. Young people are divided about the work environment. So many young people prefer “an exciting job with a mediocre atmosphere” to an “an uninteresting job with great colleagues”. Corporate ethics is also important, with seven out of ten young people choosing an employer that “has a positive impact on the world”.

Wellbeing before remuneration

Young people are also divided on self-entrepreneurship. Early in their careers, they prefer to gain experience and knowledge in business before supervising a team and running a company, the barometer says. Thus, being your own boss “is not a priority” for 56% of young people, while 40% dream of it. Differences exist depending on the level of experience. Thus, recent graduates are those who dream more of being auto entrepreneurs (44%, against 34% in general).

The barometer highlights young people’s attachment to their job. If they earned 5 million euros, only 18% of those under 25 would stop working. Finally, two-thirds of young people (69%) prefer to stay in a company where they feel good rather than go elsewhere to earn more. “Contrary to what we could have imagined, salary is not the most popular criterion for choosing or keeping one’s job,” says David Bernard, AssessFirst’s president and psychologist. Happiness at work, on the other hand, is the criterion that contributes to the definition of ‘dream job’. A job where you can achieve, learn and share. “

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